Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vitamin D deficiancy

So I went in this morning for a check up at the docs office. I was telling the doc about some hormonal issues and my hair falling out thinking I may have some sort of thyroid problem. She told me NO, I was too young and it was normal a couple years back when I had it checked. She did say however that I most likely had a vitamin D deficiency. Lot of people here in the wonderful Pacific Northwest get it. Simple blood test to find out and then a magic pill to solve the problem... but my most favorite prescription she gave me was...

DOC- "Do you ever go anywhere sunny?"
ME - "Uh, no..I went to Florida almost a year ago."
DOC-"Well it might help if you went somewhere sunny for about a month during this part of the year."
ME-"Seriously? "
DOC- "Yeah, or at least for 2 weeks."
ME -"Seriously?"
DOC- "I think it would help a lot."
ME-"I think your gonna have to write me a note for my husband to believe that."
DOC-" No problem, I will give you a call when your results come back."

I really hope there is something wrong with me.

I went to get my blood test. I HATE needles, blood, anything to do with medical stuff. Makes me nauseous. I am a huge baby. So anyway, I wait for about 20 minutes until they call my name. I am in and out quickly, just a little prick. The gal puts the cotton ball on my owie and tapes it up. When I put my sweatshirt on, I don't realize but I pull the cotton ball off. While walking to my car, I feel something warm trickling down my arm and I look down and there is blood everywhere. (OK maybe not everywhere) I frantically look at the prick mark and blood is coming out and its all blue and puffy ( I am getting wheezy writing this). I start to go into panic mode. Oh my gosh, I am going to die! I am bleeding out! I pull my shoelace out and wrap it around my arm to stop the bleeding...Okay, just kidding there...I find the cotton ball and re apply. I have to bring myself back down telling myself that people lay on the ground for hours bleeding out and don't die. One little prick in the arm is not going to kill me. I made it home just fine and the bleeding has stopped.

Now I wait patiently for the doctor to call and tell me I must live in the Caribbean for a month or I will most surely die.


Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

That's it. I'm switching doctors. Where should we go?? :)

Sorry 'bout the blood-letting. You should have called me. I'd have come and held your hand. Or laughed at you. Whichever.

Heather said...

Can she make that a generic prescription so that we can make copies?
You'd never make it as me... I have to get poked up to a half dozen times before they find a vein. And I have to have it done every 6 months because I DO have a thyroid problem.

Brooke said...

We could definately try to make copies. Wouldnt that be a blast for the 3 of us living somewhere nice and toasty for a month.I guess we would probably have to bring all the kids with us though.

Suzie said...

Appertntly most Americans have this my family all takes D suppliments

Rozzbin said...

I am heading to San Antonio next week for my dose of vitamin D. I think I have the same disease. I can't wait until Tye & Kristina move to Phoenix/Tucson/Las Vegas. They better get a big house to fit all the relatives.

Did the doc say anything about using one of those light things?

Vrieling Mom said...

i have the defiency...I am callling my doc for the perscription!!hahha Love it!