Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I can officially start putting up Halloween decorations!!

Ahhh, it is finally October 1st! And while I am sad that summer has come to an end, I am happy that Halloween is right around the corner. So in honor of this fantastic month, my first post of the month will be about my cute little treat bags that I bought for the Halloween party I will throw for the kiddos! Courtesy of Martha Stewart, I bought her Broom Stick Treat Bags at Michael's. Easy and quick to make, the only thing extra you have to buy is the treats to go in them!

First you have to get some treats..

Then get all your supplies laid out....

Follow the directions and start putting together...it's pretty simple.

Start filling with candy and put the stick in...

Should look something like this before you tie it up.

Then tie it up and you have yourself a cute little treat bag to give all those little goblins.

Crap Shoot Tuesday

4th of July. Dark, blurry, but I still like the sparkler! To see more Crap Shoot go to the Daily Relish and check 'em out!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sean's Kiddos

I got to take some pictures of my friend Sean's kids today. Was hoping for some gray skies (sorry) but it was nice and sunny.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bunco Night

One night a month, I get together with my gals to play Bunco. We have all been doing this for about a year and a half now. Tonight we got together at Katies and she made so damn good food and had lots of yummy drinks! Can't wait for next month at Heathers! Love you girls!

Messing with my Totally Rad Actions

Sorry...he has some boogers out his nose...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Disney in October

I feel like I am going through withdrawals. Everywhere I turn there is something about Disneyland. I know 3 families that are going in October. I am beyond jealous! It has been over a year since we last went and I just got done going through pictures from the last trip we took. I cant wait to take the kids again. I would love to take them this October but the cost for 6 to go is a little steep, even with the 2 free plane tickets I have! Last night my husband asked me if I would rather have a new Mac book Air or a trip to Disney. The answer was quick and without hesitation..."Disneyland...duh!" He still doesn't get it. Here are some pictures from April of '07 that my mom took. I cant find the ones I took.

I am really dying to take a girls trip there...anyone want to go in a few weeks??? Lots of cool Halloween decorations. Here is a fun clip...


Hope that works for ya, and of course Disney Halloween site!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Crap Shoot Tuesday

This pic was taken at my brothers wedding last year. Most all the pictures didn't turn out because of the lighting. Even though my brother and dad are blurry, the looks on their faces make me laugh. Had you all been there, you would know that the table I was sitting at was the only English speaking table...all 8 of us. My brother married a beautiful, wonderful girl who's family is from Russia. So with a few speeches in English (my father, brother, and my brothers new father in law) the rest of the night was in Russian. So we had no idea what was going on. There was a speech every 5-10 minutes (in Russian) and they would laugh, look at my brother and cheer and then everyone was to take a shot (of liquor). This look from my brother had me thinking that my dad asked him about what was going on and my brother gave him the look "I have no frickin idea."

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