Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Crap Shoot Tuesday

This pic was taken at my brothers wedding last year. Most all the pictures didn't turn out because of the lighting. Even though my brother and dad are blurry, the looks on their faces make me laugh. Had you all been there, you would know that the table I was sitting at was the only English speaking table...all 8 of us. My brother married a beautiful, wonderful girl who's family is from Russia. So with a few speeches in English (my father, brother, and my brothers new father in law) the rest of the night was in Russian. So we had no idea what was going on. There was a speech every 5-10 minutes (in Russian) and they would laugh, look at my brother and cheer and then everyone was to take a shot (of liquor). This look from my brother had me thinking that my dad asked him about what was going on and my brother gave him the look "I have no frickin idea."

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ELK said...

brooke you have such a nice site ~ this is a fun way to share the moments that are not quite right!!

Rozzbin said...

I think they were giving him the Russian fertility blessing.

maile said...

What a story behind a simple photo...totally brings it to life. And it reminds me of when the vietnamese ladies at the nail salon are talking and i have no idea what they're saying. Just hoping they're not making fun of my feet! :)