Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More blood and gore. I cant take much more!

So as if yesterdays blood draw wasn't traumatic enough for me....Dane went ahead and split his chin open this morning. I am not sure exactly what happened, but he was at the table eating breakfast when I left to get the other kids stuff ready for school. I heard a bang and then some screaming. I ran to the other room and scooped him off the floor, doing the mommy thing..."Its all right, your OK, you just fell." He squirmed off my lap screaming, saying "no mommy, I have an owie." He lifted his head up and there was a huge open gash and of course bleeding all over. "Oh Shit, " I know I am not suppose to say that in front of the kids, but I knew he was going to have to get stitches. I called the doc, they said bring him right in. As we zoomed into town, I was teary eyed the whole way, thinking of the papoose they would most likely strap him into. The shot of numbing medicine. The sewing of the skin. Oh my poor baby!
Much to my surprise, it was not like that at all. He laid on the table so good while the wonderful nurse put numbing gel on his cut. We waiting for it to work and the doc came in and said they wouldn't have to use stitches that they could use special glue for the facial wounds. So easy! And Dane just laid there and smiled at the doctor! Such a peaceful doctor visit!
I am sooo done with blood and cuts and needles....please no more!


Rozzbin said...

OW!!!! Poor little guy! Although by now I bet he is quite proud of that owie.

Jen said...

I'm so glad it worked out the needleless way!

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Oh my gosh. That's way bigger than I thought! OUCH. Poor guy. And poor Mommy.

Suzie said...

Poor him poor you!Im so glad you are both ok

Mama Smurf said...


Modern medicine is a marvelous thing!