Saturday, November 29, 2008

Last night in Mazama

Well, today is our last day in Mazama. It has gone by pretty fast since we have been pretty busy every day. Today we let the kids play outside in the woods for awhile and then took them to the little corner coffee/grocery/clothing store. The kids got their hot cocoa and cookies and we just hung out for awhile. Then we came back and got ready to head into Winthrop for the lighting of the town. We stood in line (in the COLD!) for about 30 minutes to see Santa, the kids didn't seem to mind waiting and then we saw Santa for about 1 minute for a group photo. They were all really good and we had a great time. The town lit up all the buildings and it was very beautiful. Then we met my dad and headed over to the winery he works at. They were having a bonfire and wine, cider, appetizers and then the town put on a huge fireworks show. The kids thought that was even cooler! Fireworks in November! Tomorrow morning we will be packing up and headed for home. We had a great time on our mini vacation and I am leaving with a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside. All the kids had some great bonding time with my family. My brother Matt certainly made an impression on all the kids with all his great crafts he brought along. Steve and I leave feeling very happy and thankful for the wonderful life we have. Here are some pictures of the night, they are not all that great, no flash and it is dark out. Sorry, I just really hate using the flash.

ok sorry, all you get is this one lame santa photo. all my pictures are taking much to long to load for some reason. More pictures tomorrow.


Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Hurry up and come home, would ya? I'm missin' ya!

Jen said...

sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving week end.