Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Day with the Girls

My good friend Heather invited us to her in-laws summer home to do some all day scrap booking/crafting. So before I headed out there I had to come up with something to do, although I am sure I would have been happy just to hang out watching everyone else and take pictures. I never really did get a good shot of all 4 of my kids for Christmas, but decided I would use one of the goofy ones I took and start making some Christmas cards. So I needed to go to Treasury of Memories for some supplies. That store is amazing! I could have spent hours in there and there are so many different crafts I would like to try out. The have all their cool Christmas things displayed and I really want to try a few. But I stuck to the basics and headed out to meet the girls. It was so wonderful to hang out and chit chat! Everyone brought food, so there was some FABULOUS soups, and bread, and goodies. I really wish I could have spent all day there! I did get quite a few cards done before I left. As usual, I took some pictures. I think people are getting used to me in their faces all the time now.
Jen opening some wine...just kidding, its just some fancy water.

Maggie in the distance...I think she is going through my stuff..that's my spot... ;)

Heather and Jen


Checking out the counter of goodies.

Heather working on a page. Heather has soo much cool scrap stuff!

Maggie getting some yummy soup!

Here is my work space. Just a glimpse of my finished cards. I don't totally want to give them away before I mail them. And yes, photographer Brooke did develop pics at Walmart. I really needed them last minute!

Beka had all her ribbon stacked up, I just thought it was pretty.

Kate and Maggie chowin' down.

Hi Beka!

The other table of girls.

Heather getting her wonderful Minestrone soup. It was SOOO good! I hope we do it again soon!


Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

I wish I could have gone too! Looks like fun. Instead, I had a fabulous day of laundry and cleaning, and to finish up the day I mopped the floors. Go me.

Suzie said...

Looks like a great time