Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Inner Bad Ass

So I opened the newspaper this morning and read a headline about a couple of gals that opened their own private investigation business. I thought "How cool is that?!" I immediately think black leather coats, guns hidden on a garter belt, stakeouts with the Beav. I am envious and think "the Beav and I could totally do this!" (Kate, I will anticipate a call from Josh soon telling me you and I are no longer allowed to hang out). So, I read the article and it was no longer cool. They do lame stuff. No car chases, shoot outs, nothing like I was imagining. I guess I watch too much late night TV. And now I will tell you all a little secret of mine. Please don't laugh, but for the last week and a half I have been obsessed with a shoot em up video game. Basically you are just shooting at bulls eye papers (or whatever you call them) for time and accuracy. In the back of my weird, demented head, maybe I think if I get the best time, not only will I have my initials on the "best times board" but some men in sleek, black suits, who look totally bad ass, will come to my door and tell me they need my "sniper skillz" to help them take out some major drug lord, or something. And of course I am invincible to any sort of major harm. Battle wounds are cool but I don't ever die. Here is the link...beat my best time if you can....4 minutes 3 seconds. Yes I have been writing them down. Not only that, my 9 yo has been keeping track for me.

Its called bullet curve. Good luck. Just a little tip, the targets move faster in the evening, so you can get a better time then.

So what do you think??? Anyone want to start our own PI biz? We could totally wear black leather outfits (and look hot in them), stilettos, and guns??? We would have to drive around in an awesome car for our stakeouts and car chases. And I am sure that because we have all that cool gear on, we would automatically become naturals in the martial arts field. Whats cooler and hotter than a chick with a mean round house kick?? In black leather....with a gun....and stilettos???

I am not even going to tell my husband about this idea.

This could be us ^


Kristin H. said...

You have a great title for a blog! Thanks for coming by to say hi.

I have the same dream (the inner badass dream.) And then I think to myself: "But Kristin, you hate guns." Whatever.

Don't be a stranger :)

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

I am SO with you, Whitey. We would ROCK the whole Undercover-PI-BadAss thing. We naturally have those skilz anyway. That and baking, which I'm sure will come in handy for those long stakeouts.

Rozzbin said...

I don't know, the black leather kiddie cars seats in the back of the bad ass mini-van might blow your covers. Dane would look cute in a black leather jacket and shades.

On the other hand, my butt in black leather would give a whole new meaning to "bad ass". :-)

Mama Zen said...

I'm in!

Brooke said...

Kate, we will have to start baking with healthy, good for you, ingredients so we can get in and out of our leather outfits without having to grease up first.

THopgood said...

I'm having visions of the episode of "Friends" when Ross can't pull up his leather pants and he's trying the baby powder and lotion to wedge them up over his ass!

My inner bad ass is dying to jump on this wagon with you but do you think maybe we could switch out the leather for maybe a pair of mommy sweats?....they're so much more comfortable!

Rozzbin said...

LOL! that was my favorite episode ever of friends. That is what I thought of immediately too.