Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Visitor from the "Other Side"

I just spent the last couple days at my parents house over in Eastern Washington. It was so nice and warm and peaceful over there. I was able to really spend some quality time with the kids playing card games and what not and got some quiet time to myself as well. But the weirdest thing happened to me. When I was in high school, my dad and step mom got a little black poodle named Snickers. She was like the 5th child in our family. They even celebrated her birthday. She really was a great little dog though. Very smart, I taught her all sorts of tricks and she was a member of the family. Of course as all of us kids moved out, she became the only child there and was spoiled to death. I think a year ago, maybe two, my dad was outside with our little dog and two big dogs came over into their yard and killed her. Very devastating for my parents. So here is the weird part.... the first night I was there, I was up in the guest room sleeping when I awoke to a scratching on the door. I got up and opened the door and I knew Snickers was there. I couldn't see her but something jumped up on the bed and snuggled up in the covers. I saw the bed covers move and sink down where she supposedly lay. I was a little scared at first but then thought, oh I guess its just Snickers and I went back to sleep. Or maybe I was still asleep. I don't know if it was a dream or not, it all seemed so real. Hmmmm. I wish I had a picture to post of her. Maybe I can find one somewhere.


THopgood said...

Not to make light of the situation...but...are you sure you weren't snuggling up with a raccoon, or a rat, or some other big wilderness wild animal sorta thing...LOL.

Brooke said...

Well, my dad mentioned that as well too! We were deepin the woods! hehe Probably a rat.

Sue said...

What a cool story! Thanks so much for stopping by our blog, and leaving your link back here. Stop by Friday if you can as I am featuring a report on a black ghost dog that you might find interesting.

I wrote an article on animal apparitions years ago, and highlight stories that go back generations, and you might be surprised how many people have had experiences just like the one you describe here.


Suzie said...

That is so sweet. She came for a visit. Im glad you wernt sacred it was your doggy after all not some big scary monster or A RAT! Don't listen to them their just jealous of your ghost dog.