Saturday, July 26, 2008

The 20 Year Reunion

Well, last night was my husbands 20 year reunion. And you know all that fuss about the cute little dress I bought??? I never even wore it. I did end up getting it on time and it was super cute. The manikin that wore the dress in the picture had no boobs though. So I was a little scared I would look too exposed and feel out of place. Of course my husband had no problem with the dress but the night before we left, he said, "Ya know, why don't we just wear jeans and nice shirts? That way we will both be comfortable and that's who we really are anyway." Right on! Fine with me! I don't have to impress anyone anyway, not my reunion. I guess I will just have to save that dress for MY 20 year reunion.

So we had a great time and it was fun to meet the people my husband grew up with. I decided to hold off on the liquor and watch everyone else get plowed. I had fun watching people and listening to their conversations as the night wore on and they became more drunk. Here are some tidbits I overheard....

" I wrote about you every night in my diary." She says while twirling her hair around her finger.
"No way, really?" He says with a glint in his eye.

"My wife's being a bitch. She is sitting in the lobby and wants to go home. You know I gave her a chrome colt 45 with a ring when I proposed to her?" Says chubby, nerdy, short man with braces."
(I made that gun name up because I really couldn't remember what kind of gun it was, but he told us this twice during the night.)

Now this really isn't a comment, just some observations. Ever seen the new show on TV Swingers?? Well, I am pretty sure two tables to the left of us was who the show was based on. About 5-6 couples at this table, and I had pretty much met and figured out who was married to who. the night wore on, I started getting confused as the lady folk were very friendly to the other man folk at the table. Caressing arms, necks.... sitting on laps...dancing closely. Hmmm, made me wonder. I don't really care, just an interesting observation.

Next observation...I had no need to worry about my cute little dress where my cleavage showed some, as that was the theme of the night. Lots of ladies with lots of boobage. I almost felt like I was 12 with my GAP sweater and blue jeans.

So it was a fun night away and what was most important was that we were together having a great time! Today was fabulous as we started the morning off at Starbucks for coffee and breakfast (without the kids). Then we made a visit to IKEA which was fantastic. It took about 2 hours to get through the entire store and if you can believe it, we didn't buy a thing except lunch. I found a million things I wanted so I am sure we will come back with a UHAUL. ha!


THopgood said...

You spent TWO hours in IKEA and bought NOTHING! Oh man....and I thought we could be friends...psh!


We haven't gone to any of our reunions yet...our 20 year will be in a couple years. I wasn't going to go because I still talk to those that I hung out with in high school. But after reading your post I may have to go if for no other reason than to people watch!

Suzie said...

Sounds like a good time. I would love love to go to IKEA boy did you show a lot of self control!

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Glad the reunion went well and that you enjoyed your time together. And I know you were just waiting to do your "real" IKEA shopping with me.