Monday, June 30, 2008

Catching Crawdads

It was a cool 82ish degrees out today! What a difference 10 degrees makes! Gage, Maia, Dane, and I headed out to the library first. For some reason the library put computer video games in the kids section. Totally defeats the purpose of me dragging the kids there (except Maia who enjoys reading) as the boys run straight for the computers and could care less about books. So as usual I pick a couple out for them. Then we went to the city park to play in the creek. We brought some plastic cups and bowls to catch "fish". I had no idea Gage would catch a crawdad! It was huge! Didn't really want to walk in the water anymore for fear my toes would be pinched off! It was a good day, hopefully we will be back there again tomorrow to play! I LOVE SUMMER! I will post pictures of the giant crawdad later as my computer states that it has 'internal errors' and cannot load my pictures. Piece of crap.

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Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Yum! You shoulda taken that little sucker, deep-fried him and tossed him in some buffalo sauce. Cajun crawfish are delish!