Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just a shout out to my husband!

It was six years ago today that I had my first date with my husband. Yeah! I don't usually keep track of that sort of stuff, I figure actual wedding date and birthdays are more important and enough for me to remember. If our date hadn't been on the 25th I probably wouldn't remember, but it was payday. Payday was always the 10th and 25th. So here's to you dear husband of mine!

You are a great man! You always, always put your family first. I couldn't ask for a better husband and father to our kids! The other day when you said you had achieved pretty much everything you have wanted to do, and it was my turn, I was truly touched. And as I sit here and think about what I would love to do, you have pretty much given me everything I could ask for. A wonderful family and the opportunity to stay home and take care of everyone. You give me freedom away from everyone also to do things I love, be with my friends, craft, photography, volunteering, which lets me know you care about me getting "me time". No matter the circumstance you always do what is best for others before yourself. You are a caring, giving, loving, wonderful husband and the whole world should know that!

Love ya! xoxo


Suzie said...

That is so nice. And lucky you you got a great husband and paid.

Brooke said...

It was my lucky day suzie!

THopgood said...

What a great post!