Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday the 13th

I didnt realize that yesterday was Friday the 13th until this morning. Maybe that was why I felt so blah! I am not superstitious but I will still pick a penny up off the ground or unconsiously avoid stepping on a crack. As the first day of summer vacation, I was trying to think of something fun to do with the kids. It was too cold to go to the park so we went to the library. We didnt stay long because my kids were the loudest, banging doors, running through the aisles and fighting over who got the footstool to watch me check out the books. After a stern talking to in the parking lot, where no one was listening to me, I decided we should go to lunch. Maybe everyone was just hungry. I was going to go to the local grocery store to the deli but made a last minute (bad) decision to go to Jack in the Box. For 4 kids meals and 1 hamburger/pop, it was over 20 bucks!! Ouch! That made me grumpy. The kids were bouncing off the walls so after losing my cool and yelling at them to go sit down, I felt silly. I think I was the one having the temper tantrum. They all grabbed their cups and started filling them up with 7 different flavors, and I told them to all sit and I would do it because they would just spill and then I would be really mad! Guess who spilled the first drink all over the table???? Yes, me. I realized I needed to chill out.
Our next stop was a gift store to pick up some Fathers Day cards. In the middle of check out, the crappy hamburger I ate decided NOT to agree with my stomach. Oh man! I had to get out of there. If I crapped my pants in public, there would be NO WAY my kids would let me live that one down, not to mention I am sure they wouldnt just keep it to themselves. I can imagine Gage (9yo) telling his friend Jack who tells his mom the funny story....... Or worse yet, my step son Davis (5yo) telling his mom the funny story. Now the ex wives club would have some good gossip. Anyway, I made it home. Barely.
I decided to stay home the rest of the day, which was fine. I cleaned out my office to get ready for decorating! Hopefully it will be a better day today!


Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Ok, crapping your pants in a store beats my almost-threw-up-in-a-chicken-barn story.

And yes, sometimse it's us mommies that need the time out.

Brooke said...

yeah, i would have much rather thrown up :) lets try not to do that this year huh!