Friday, February 20, 2009

While I was waiting for my mocha at Starbucks...

This is what I observed. And I am sorry if I offend any serious coffee drinkers but I thought this was funny.
I walk in, the guy behind the counter says..."Mocha?"
"Yep", that's how often I am in there, no need to tell them what I want. I like to keep it simple.
As I wait, the girl making the coffee is amazing. She is making like 10 drinks and taking orders all at the same time from the drive through. I know I could NEVER do this. I forget what my kids want for lunch a few minutes after I ask them. So she is making all these coffee drinks and I hear her talking on the headphones to someone in the drive through... "OK, so you want 8 pumps of white chocolate...uh huh, uh huh, and to 180 degrees. I got it." ( I know there was something else thrown in there too) "and whip cream on the side? OK I got it."
Really? Whip cream on the side? I think I spent to much time trying to figure out what they did with the whip cream on the side. Maybe they gave it to their dog, or kid. Was it in a cup? Did they squirt it from the can into their mouths when they pulled up? I didn't wait around to find out.
Obviously I have been housebound for too many days now.


The Erdmann Family said...

Oh lord, do we want to know?? ha ha.

Suzie said...

Now youve got me thinking too

Vrieling Mom said...

I would like my sprinkles on the side and my creamer...oh and can you make sure I have 2 straws!???

Merideth said...

I don't think that is really a "true" coffee drinker!