Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My little Ansel Adams

I told Dane that we were going to go on a picture adventure today. The wind wasn't blowing which made outside tolerable...for me. I have an old Canon Rebel that I decided to arm Dane with. I figure your never to young to learn an art. I hadn't used it in over a year so the battery had little life to it and only lasted ten minutes. That was fine though, because he just wanted to play at the playground anyway. I hate playground pictures. I think I just get bored of them. Dane would let me take pictures as long as it wasn't in his face. So I got hands and feet and a few other things.

And lastly one of Dane's shots....ME!!! I like this one...maybe cuz my head is cut off!


Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

You're a brave woman, handing that camera to a 3 year old!

Rozzbin said...

He looks like he actually knows what he is doing.