Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Uhh....where did this snow come from???

Much to my surprise, it started to snow this afternoon. And you all know just how much I love the snow....not. I miss the sunshine! I miss taking pictures! My favorite lens broke so I sent it back to Canon, hopefully they will fix it and send it back before my trip to Disney. In the meantime I am practicing with my new lens but it is huge, so I cant really just throw it in a bag and walk around Disney with it. Dane allowed a few pictures of him today. I know that last picture is a little frightening.


Heather said...

When are you going?

Brooke said...

We are leaving March 13th. You gonna go again?

Vrieling Mom said...

I love Dane!!! You can come practice with your new huge lens here...HA!!

A big thanks to you and steve last night!!