Thursday, February 12, 2009

My guy..

I have nothing really to report or no new pictures due to crappy cold weather. So here are some old pictures of my main squeeze and some of the kids just for fun and something to look at. Only thing that has been going on lately is that I finally caved and got a gym membership. I have actually been going at least 5 days a week, thanks to my dear friend Karen who shows up at my door every morning to make sure I am going. I have been doing a class called power pump, which is almost pure torture, but Steve says my hips are shrinking (even though I don't see it) so I will continue with the torture. I even did my first Pilate's class (Hard! I am so not flexible) and Zumba, which I think is the most fun. Kind of some Latin dance moves. I just make sure that I am not standing in front of a mirror while Zumba'ing so I don't really see what I look like dancing. ( In my head I am not so bad). So anyway enjoy a few old pictures of my kids and family.

One of my precious baby Dane only a week or so old sleeping with Daddy. Sometimes I miss my little babe.

Daddy and Dane again, only not too long ago at a dirtbike park, watching the big boys ride from dadddy's shoulders.

Little Miss Maia and Dad

All my boys!

And one of my very favorites! A trip to the Oregon coast and a day at the beach! Some great picture taking that day.


Jules said...

I loved your post! Really love the beach picture too, that is awesome! Great job with the work outs, I bet you're feeling great! I remember all the energy it gave me when I worked out...(sigh) I should probably start doing so again! :D

Vrieling Mom said...

we are thinking of joining the gym...but I need an overweight you don't count cuz you always look good!!

Anyways...Next nice day..wanna do some pictures!!??


Brooke said...

Oh tiffiny...JOIN! It would be fun! You can zumba with me! Anytime, I am ready to do some pictures. I wish it would warm up already! I am glad you found your CD cuz I forgot about it, I was going to make you another one!