Friday, February 27, 2009

If you had 30 days..

A few weeks ago, a friend was telling me about a trip she was taking with her husband and she couldn't decide whether to go with the all inclusive or the cheaper hotel. I said, "go with the all inclusive, that is, if you can afford it, it will be WAY cooler!" She thought about it for a minute and said "yeah, I just don't know.." and I said "Hey, you might as well do it if you can, you never know when you might not be able to again, you never know when your going to die."
"Well, that's pretty morbid," she says.
"Well, its true, isn't it?" I said.
"Yeah, I guess your right." she agreed.
So I am happy to report, she booked the all inclusive.
So this got me thinking, if you found out you only had 30 days to live, would you do things differently than you do now? I am not talking spending large amounts of cash and doing things you can not afford, but would your daily routines change? Would you treat people differently? Would you be scared of doing things that you normally have a fear of? There is a movie that I watched a long time ago with Queen Latifa in it (I cant remember the name of the movie) but she was misdiagnosed and told she only had a short amount of time to live. So she changed her life and started doing things for HER and treating people differently and living her dreams. She does come to find out that she was misdiagnosed but the whole situation changed how she did things and of course her life changed for the better. Of course that was only a movie.
But I wonder, if I really think about having 30 days left..would I really be so scared of flying in an airplane? Heck no! Would I want to try to make amends with the people that I hurt, or people that hurt me? Absolutely! Would I treat people better? Smile at strangers and say hello? Heck yeah! Would I make it a point to let the people I know and love, REALLY know that I love them and think they are special? YES!
It sounds easy, but is it? I think we all just get so comfortable in our lives and mostly scared of change and what it might bring. To really put your self out there and have the potential to not get the result you want is scary! What if that stranger doesn't say hi back? What if my plane does crash? What if that person that you try to make amends with slams the door in your face? Scary!
I also think that God would want us to do these things. To really LIVE the life he gave us. To be peacekeepers, to do good, to help others, to let people know how special they are. Even if it means for us to be a bit uncomfortable.
So my little challenge for myself is to do something MORE every day for the next 30 days. To try to live like there were only 30 more days left. (I really hope its not! :)) It scares me a little just to write it, to know that I may get out of my comfort zone. I will write down what I do over the next 30 days and report back. I challenge those who read to change a little something here and there too! Really it doesn't have to be big! Send a friendly note. Say hi to a stranger. Buy someone coffee. Something! I know I have some blogstalkers out there and I love you all so feel free to comment and let me know what you did!


Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

I love the way you think. :) Which is why I just love you.

Rozzbin said...

Today I went through the "15 items" line at the grocery store with 20 items. Now I know most people would say "so what". But I normally follow all those rules and signs. That was out of my comfort zone. I kept waiting for someone to yell at me. I will try harder tomorrow.

Vrieling Mom said...

I love it...and I do think that way most of the time...So Yes, my new friend brooke...I am up for doing it even better...

Brooke said...

You know Tiffiny, I didnt realize but it kind of goes along with what Pastor Kim is doing right now. Guess you have to do it anyway!!!

Vrieling Mom said...

I know..I love his new series..I find it neat that I was on the same page a few weeks before he started it..

I always ask myself..was that Christ Like?

Anyways..I am needing a new profile pic..Did you get you lens back?

Brooke said...

No! I am waiting NOT patiently, I expect (baring any major problems) that it will be back by the week of the 16th. I do have my kick butt lens but it is more of an outdoor lens. I would wait just a teensy bit longer!