Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Titans

My 9 year old just started tackle football! I've got to say, I was really nervous about this. He is by far the smallest on the team and I have to tape the bottom of his pants so his pads don't fall out. I knew that if he didn't like it we were going to make him stick it out and finish the season and I think 80% of me figured he was going to hate it. Being the younger boy I knew he wasn't going to be QB or running back as those positions are pretty much earned and the older boys fill them. So what in the world would my small boy do?? Tackle?? YES! I have to say I am soo impressed the way my little guy has stepped up. He has been knocked down numerous times but keeps getting up. Not a tear, no "I don't want to play anymore", nothing. And let me tell you, that kid can tackle. He grabs on and doesn't let go.
The kids on this team are amazing. I have never seen young kids so supportive of one another, constantly cheering each other on, even when they are the ones getting knocked down. Now I know why people are so passionate about football when they say it changed their lives. If football brings out these characteristics in children so young, I will let my kids play for as long as they want.

That's Gage, getting under the big guy. Advantages for being short!

Bonus! Dad gets to coach Gage's team too!


Jen said...

Isn't such a proud moment to watch your child 'get' the concept of teamwork!

THopgood said...

DUDE! He's totally taking down a kid that's a whole head taller than him! THATS impressive!

Suzie said...

You are so much braver than me I think that would give me a breakdown