Saturday, August 16, 2008

Last Fair Day for Me...maybe

So I really wasn't planning on taking the kids AGAIN to the fair, but I told them if I won Bunco Thursday night, I would take them. Now, I haven't won a thing playing Bunco in about a year, let alone THE Bunco. So whatdoyaknow...I won!! And since I hosted at my house, my kids were there to witness it all, so they knew I had to stick to my promise! Honestly though, I probably would have taken them again anyway, I just love the fair. So Friday morning we met Kate (Kate, was this 3rd day for you?? Your just as bad as me) to let the kids have some more fun. I packed a lunch for the kids (which sucked, fair food is so much better) but caved in when the kids wanted sno-cones. It was good times but I was a little too hot. Sweating everywhere, and I hate that. Poor Dane's face was beat red and his little hairline was all sweaty! We stuck it out for a few hours until I really could handle it no longer, so we headed home. I am sad to say I wimped out a bit but Kate and Heather pushed through the heat and stayed! We went home and I filled the pool up for the kids so they could cool off. I laid on the couch thinking about taking another shower, but too tired.

After a few hours, it cooled of quite a bit and I got a phone call from Kate saying "We're still here!" So as soon as my husband got home, I confessed to going to the fair again ( I didn't tell him my plans that morning knowing he would probably roll his eyes and then justified the money spending with my Bunco win) and asked if I could go back WITHOUT the kids so I could actually look at a few things. Being the fantastic husband that he is, he said of course, but he was going to lock the kids in a room so he could get a presentation done. Fantastic! So I hopped in the car and parked a ways from the fair and took a FREE shuttle there. Met up with Kate again (she was on hour 8 or so?? What a true fair girl.) and got some ice cream and puttered around looking through the booths. Finally Kate called it a day around hour 9 but I stayed. I am totally kicking myself for not bringing my camera back. What a beautiful night! Full moon and they had the Newsboys blaring in concert. I just walked around slowly taking in all the sights and smells. Boy is it sure different when you don't have 4 little ones to keep track of. I didn't realize how much stuff I miss. By 9:30 I decided to call it a night, and walked toward the shuttle, but I didn't really feel like getting home so soon. I figured I would just walk to my car. It was only half mile or a mile away. Beautiful night and you could hear the band playing better the further I got from the fairgrounds. I walked really slow enjoying my alone time. It really made me realize how little time I have spent by myself in such a long time and that I have to remember to do this more often. I was a little disappointed on how fast I got to my car and considered walking around the block a few more times, but I didn't and headed home. The house was quiet when I got home, my husband working on his stuff and the kids were all watching a movie, not locked in a room. It was a good day.
Oh yeah, today is the last day of the fair. Wonder if I will head out there again.


Rozzbin said...

The kids even looked a little wiped out in the picture. If you AND Steve want to go to the fair late this afternoon/evening, WITHOUT KIDS, I would be happy to babysit.

Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Fun fun fun! I do so love The Fair. And I think after 9 hours on Day 2 I finally got my fill. Until next year that is.

Thanks for being my Fair buddy!