Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fair Week

It is fair week! I love the fair. I think I went almost everyday last year. So far the kids have been every day too. We did the demo derby on Monday, rides on Tuesday and Grandma is taking the kids today. The two older boys in the morning and the two younger ones in the evening! Maybe I will sneak back in later tonight with the kids since my hubs will be working late. I only took a few pictures because I didnt want to haul my big camera around all day and I usually end up carrying all sorts of "goodies" that the kids have aquired throughout the day. So here are a few shots. Gage moves around so much that he is hardly in any. Dane is getting tired of me taking pictures of him and Davis asks me to take a picture of him at every turn!


Suzie said...

Your kids are too cute

THopgood said...

That looks like a blast!

I loves me a good fair!