Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I bought a new book the other day called Visual Poetry. Love it. It is a very inspiring book about photography that makes you think about pictures that are more than just pictures. A little snip it...
"A great photograph has the potential to transcend verbal and written language. But how do you create these photographs? It's not the how that's important, but the who and the what. Who you are as a person has a direct impact on what you capture as a photographer."
I love that last part. Great book, if you love photography, its a good one to have in the collection.
I also went to the library today to see if they hung my flier. They didn't. The librarian seemed a little put out when i had some business cards to go with the flier. "It's in multiple parts?" she says. I'm thinking, its just some biz cards to tack on. Whats the big deal? I just said "Never mind, here is just the flier, the address is on there." She probably tossed it when I walked out the door. (No Danya, not your mom, I was hoping to talk to her though for some special treatment).
So anyway, I picked up a couple books while I was there. I got Organize Your Life free yourself from clutter and find more personal time. I skimmed through the first chapter and realized I didn't have time to read it and really I just needed to pick up and throw out old crap.
I also got The Dynamic Path access the secrets of champions to achieve greatness through mental toughness, inspired leadership, and personal transformation. I have no idea why, I just happened to be wandering through the aisles looking for the photography section (they moved it) and came upon the feel good section. Looking through the titles I started feelin' good and inspired so I figured I could give it a good skimmin' through. Who knows I might learn something.
This is a big difference from when I usually go to the library. All my friends know and make fun of me because I mostly go straight to the teen section. I am a very busy gal so these are quick, easy reads. And believe me, if you thought they were all G or even PG rated books, they aren't. I was actually surprised that the last one was even allowed in the teen section, not to mention a Lynden library. Anyway, I am sure I will be done with my big girl books soon and back to reading some easy fiction.


Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Awww, Brookie! You're growin' up and reading real books! :)

Brooke said...

Yes, I know, one might consider me an adult now! ha!