Saturday, October 31, 2009

Scotty Browns to Bobby Lees

Last night we celebrated Tiffiny's birthday! We started out at Scotty Browns with dinner and drinks, made a quick stop at Barkley Bobs, and then off to Bobby Lees in Everson. Bobby Lees is certainly the best place to people watch! All in all, had a great night, stayed out too late and am paying for it today. Although I only had one beer at the beginning of the evening I woke up dizzy and feeling hung over. I thought maybe the water had been spiked at BL's but then I remembered I didnt drink a thing there because someone told me if I had to go to the bathroom, I might want to go in the trash can or outside instead of using the toilets.
I look forward to taking the kids to our church tonight for Halloween!
Here are some pictures of our night!
(darn you pictures..not working! I think my files are too big. I will post them later!)

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