Thursday, October 29, 2009

Some catching up to do...

I feel a little behind with the blog. Have so many pictures, but just haven't had the time to post any. I will try to do a little of everything..maybe. It has been a very busy month, with next month not slowing down too much. Lots and lots of people to take pictures of next month! Hopefully the weather will cooperate somewhat and not rain on us. Although I just did a shoot with 4 little kids under a porch. I was a little hesitant about it because I like to move around a lot and find all sorts of different and cool things, but it actually was just fine! I think I was more worried about getting my camera wet! I will be taking the month of December off (from picture taking) to get some things ready for next year. New web design, I would love to take some sort of workshop around here, but I can find NOTHING!!! And that being said, I thought that maybe I should come up with a beginner workshop for high school gals. Would be a one day workshop that covers the basics about using a DSLR camera with part of the day shooting. I still need to work out the details but if you have a high school girl that might be interested in something like this, I have a few questions for you! I have had about 4 other girls interested in shadowing me or being my "assistant". I hear at one of the local high schools they have a photography class but it is hard to get into. And personally I cant find a darn thing around town except a few classes at the community college, but nothing geared towards kids/teens. Hopefully I can get this going for January or February. Okay, enough thinking out loud. Here are a few pictures!

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