Tuesday, October 13, 2009

and the bloggin begins

We will see how many posts I can do today but I will start with the most important! My husband and I celebrated 5 years on the 9th! I cant believe how fast 5 years has flown by! When I look back I am amazed at how much we accomplished and all the things that have happened. I hope that the next 5 years are a little more laid back but still filled with exciting opportunities and fun with the kids. We certainly feel a little more settled now. So the short non exciting story of Steve and I....he proposed to me on the Spirit of Washington dinner train in front of all sorts of strangers in June of 2004 and we pulled it all together and got married on October 9th 2004! I LOVE October and the fall and colors, I was very excited! It was beautifully decorated with the help of a wonderful friend and with the help of all my co-workers, we spent an entire evening carving pumpkins to put all over the grounds. It was fabulous! Here are some not so good pictures. I had to take a picture of the picture because I can figure the scanner out. Happy Anniversary babe! Love you the most!

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Amara said...

Cutest kid pictures! They were adorable when they were little...okay, they're all still adorable, but, Maia in the little dress - how sweet! Oh, you guys look great, too!