Thursday, August 27, 2009


This last weekend we had a family reunion on my husbands side. I did bring my camera but only took a couple pictures. To be honest I didnt want to bring it at all. I have been so overwhelmed with pictures and editing, I feel like any creativity I have left is being sucked out of me. While I feel blessed that there are so many people that want me to do photos for them, I wonder if I am taking on too much. I have one more wedding to go this weekend and then I have taken the next two weeks off! I havent hardly pulled my camera out for my own kids lately! I have also decided that I will be raising my prices. Sorry! I broke it down with all the time I put into editing, traveling and taking the pictures, and I am certainly a cheap photographer! Plus giving away the copyright to my photo's, is just a too much. I realize this will slow business down, but I have decided that will keep me from over doing it and I can really focus on one shoot at a time and not 2-3 a week. So back to the editing room I go, and here are only a few shots from the reunion!

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