Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hey Seniors!

Hey all you friends.....
So far this special is just going out to friends and family that read my blog. Spots are limited though because, well, I am a very busy momma! So if you know someone who would love to do something a little more "out of the box", send them my way. I promise I will not force anyone to pose in front of a barn or use the "arm shelf" pose. We can dig through some Teen Vogue together and find some cool stuff to imitate.
No worries to those planners that want to get Christmas pictures done! I am working on a Christmas special to be available starting October and this year Coconut Lime Designs is creating one of a kind cards just for my clients when they purchase the Christmas package! Coming soon, and I cant wait to show you just how cool the cards are! So I have a small list of people who will get first crack scheduling the Christmas package. If you would like to be on it, leave a comment with your email address or you can email it to
Oh yeah, and I will do the drawing for the coffee card tomorrow, thank you all who commented on my blog, sent me emails, and left comments on my fan page on all rock.
Just a quick my ad up top it says to contact at it is roxseyphotography@ I realize most people will figure that out, but it took me a hella long time to make that on my computer. The thought of re-doing it all makes my eyes burn.

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