Friday, August 14, 2009

Birthday Donuts at Rocket Donuts!

Oh this is by far the coolest donut shop I have ever been to. And I have to say the best damn donuts I ever did taste! ROCKET DONUTS! If you haven't been there, go. Downtown Bellingham. Awesome. Its also just a few blocks from the Maritime Heritage which the kids like to run around and play in the fountain. This was Danes birthday breakfast! If you can believe it, 3 of the kids ordered the Bacon Maple Bar. Sounds disgusting to me, but wasn't too bad. (I had a little nibble) They all picked the bacon off and ate it first and then polished off the donut. I am a big fan of the donut of the month, Strawberries and Cream. This really has got to be the best donut I have ever had.

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