Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just some random thoughts and stuff...

So I know I have mentioned this a million times, but, every winter I am sure I come down with Seasonal Affective Disorder (or whatever its called). And it's only January, I still have a couple months to go till sort of spring arrives..hopefully. And I am really not sure I even like spring, its sooo rainy! I always tell people I would move in a heartbeat to a warmer climate if it weren't for other things (kids) keeping me here. They laugh, "Oh you would miss it here! You wouldn't be gone for long." Uh, no, I am pretty sure I wouldn't come back. Really. Maybe to visit. But that's it. My plan is to move as soon as all the kids graduate and move. Maybe I will start out as a snowbird. The summers are OK here. Its everything else that sucks. My trip last April to Florida was pure bliss! I never wanted to leave. I wanted to ship the rest of my family there and live. Oh well, I will just have to settle for a trip or two in the winter so I don't go crazy.
Another awful side effect to the awful weather is that I am stuck indoors. I haven't taken pictures for weeks. I NEED a creative outlet. I even got a new lens that I have only gotten to use once. It's killin me! I do get to go to a hair salon here in Lynden on Friday and take some head shots of all the girls there to put on their new blog I created for them! I will put a link to that as soon as they get all their pictures on. They are all so cute. So I am planning on also getting some sort of Hot Mamma shoot in the works and see how that goes. If you head on over to the Daily Relish this is what I have in mind. Although I wont be doing hair and makeup. Something I never learned to do well. But something like that. I think it would be SUPER FUN to do with a group of gals.
And one more awful side effect of being indoors with nothing to do but clean is to be thinking way too much! I feel just like MeRa's last blog post here. In a nutshell about peoples hurtful words and how they have the possibility of stunting your growth. I know when someone says hurtful things to me, the first thing I want is to call them on it. Then get revenge. That's what I want to do....but I don't. I pray, ask for forgiveness for wanting to say despicable things about them and then realize I would only be stooping to their level. Reading her post just made me see that it's not only me, everyone goes through it but you just have to keep on trucking and go forward. Live your dreams, let no one keep you down. I dont.
Sorry, no pics tonight! Soon I hope!!

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