Thursday, January 1, 2009

Good morning Tiffiny!

Ahhh, it is my first post of the new year, but instead of my resolutions, I thought I would start out with a few pictures for Tiffiny. I know she will be waiting patiently for these, so I thought I would surprise her when she got up to do her blog reading! Yesterday was sort of a last minute get together to take a few pics of her very adorable little boy. And I was able to get a few in there of her adorable 3 year old daughter as well! I met Tiffiny about 8 years ago, although I don't remember it, but for some reason she remembered me. I started reading Tiffiny's blog because she was linked to one of my friends blogs. Then turns out we go to the same church and she is my daughters group leader. So really yesterday was the first time I really met her and spent some time chatting in between picture taking. I spend a lot of time meeting new people through pictures but every once in a while you meet someone who you instantly feel a connection with. I felt like I could have spent hours at her house chatting, and I think I did. Tiffiny is such a warm, open, honest and welcoming person! I really enjoyed her company and she sent me home with a big jar of hot chocolate! Enjoy the pics Tiffiny, I will have more that I will send you later and burn them onto a disk for you!


Vrieling Mom said...

Youa re such a stinker!!!!!! I clicked on your blog right away!! Thanks for the kind words!! I felt the same about you too..You did a stunning job!! I love them..I could just have you jump on my bed all day long!!

Vrieling Mom said...

I feel this strong desire as I look a them over and over to have you move in with me or at least come back once aweek!!You are amazing...I am really emotional..they bring tears to my eyes...Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!

Brooke said...

Oh Tiffiny, you are too sweet! Thank you for the nice compliments! No worries, as the Terminator would say.."I'll be bahck." Glad you love them!