Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October Bunco Night!

Well, I am super tired and should go to bed, but thought I would post some pictures of our super Bunco night!! It was at Heathers this month and was costume optional. Should have been required. I decided I would go as static cling girl. I looked much more fabulous when I left the house, but as the night wore on, my hair started just to fall down. I sewed socks and dryer sheets to my clothes. Anyways, fun night, as always. I was sooo close to a Bunco win, but it was a tie between me and JJ and..well...she won. Good food, good friends, good times. I look forward to our monthly get together! I think we all do!


Suzie said...

Again what is Bunco?

Brooke said...

It is a super easy dice game. Quite mindless, but just another reason to get together and win some prizes!

Mama Smurf said...

I bought a bunco game last year when a friend of mine moved to Colorado. She said that Bunco nights were all the rage over there and I had never heard of it. So I bought it. It's still in my closet in the original wrapping. Untouched. I really should break it out and figure out how to play.