Saturday, October 18, 2008

Indy Dane

OK I lied, I thought I had nothing to post, but then I was looking out my window and saw Dane playing. He is really into Indiana Jones right now. We were at the grocery store yesterday and the new Indy movie was out and he held on tight. "Please mom, we have to get this". How could I say no? It is his most favorite thing! He is always humming the theme song...always. He makes me sing a ridiculous song that I made up one night about him and Indiana Jones being best friends and finding buried treasure. This hat he is wearing belonged to my Grandpa who worked for the Border Patrol. Somehow I acquired it and at lunch today (Dane insisted on wearing the hat everywhere today) my mom said it was probably about 40 years old. But it is a great Indy hat for him. So anyway, Dane was playing some imaginary game, probably with imaginary Indiana Jones. I was trying to take the pictures through my double paned window so they are a little blurry. I knew by the time I tried to run outside, he would stop or yell at me for taking more pictures of him!

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Mama Smurf said...

Those are priceless! Love that 4th one!