Saturday, September 12, 2009

What a great week!

What an awesome week I have had! Very busy for sure but fun. The kids started their games this week. Maia in soccer tearin' up the field, and Gage in football. I LOVE watching his football games. My husband is coaching too so that makes it even more fun for all of us. My husbands birthday was fun, and I topped off the weekend with a 15K run. I am so very sore right now, but glad I did it. Thanks to Amara for staying with me the whole time and walking when I needed to! There were some other fantastic happening this weekend too, but those who know me well, know what they are, yeah for not having to share anymore! Here are a few pics of the race I stole from Amara's facebook.
I took some baby photos for some friends this weekend I will post as soon as I can!