Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Damn video games are ruining my summer so far!

I hate to say this because I really do love to play video games, but the fighting over our Wii is OUT OF CONTROL!!! As I type this, there is fighting over turns. Yes, I have tried different tactics to keep things under control. And when I turn it off, every few minutes someone (Davis) is asking me when he can play again. Driving me CRAZY!!! Sooo, being the mean mom that I am, I have imposed a new rule. They have to earn Wii minutes by reading. For every minute they read, they get to play the Wii for that many minutes. Is that too harsh? I can tell you I just told them about it and guess who is reading?? Yes Davis, he is earning his minutes for tomorrow. Maybe they will learn to love to read this way. I also signed them up for the Library summer reading program today, so maybe this will help them reach their goals too! We will see how this works. Hopefully my sanity will come back for tomorrow.


Merideth said...

Perfect solution! That is what we do for screen time. Good luck!

Amara said...

Good plan! I cannot believe I am saying this, but I wish my kids would play the Wii more. We just got it in January and it was played with for a couple of months. However, I don't think it has even been turned on once in the past two months. Oh, I take that back - I tried to turn it on to do some Wii Fit and the batteries were dead...maybe that's the problem!
Anyway - we'll need to borrow some games and spark the interest again.