Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ahhhhh! Where did the sun go???

I sure hope that wasn't our summer!!! Our beautiful 90 degree weather! Awesome! Of course this weekend it disappeared! We have already had a busy weekend and it hasn't even ended! Friday we took the boys and a few of Gage's friends (for his birthday) to the Demo Derby. I love the derby! So fun watching all those cars crash into each other, and of course watching the boys as they watch the cars crash. They get so excited! Saturday, Davis and Gage went to football camp and Maia was in the parade for mini cheer, so Dane, Dad, and I watched the parade. Good times! Just wish it was a little warmer. Thank God next week is the last week of school! I am very excited for summer to arrive and to do all sorts of things with the kids. I love that they are all getting older and I can take them on all sorts of adventures. I wish I could take them all over the United States but we will have to stick to Whatcom County this time. Its a start anyway! I want to make sure that by the time my kids graduate, they know that there are so many places and opportunities to see and do, that they need to explore before they settle down or make the commitment to stay in one city (or town if we are referring to where we currently live!)

Not too many pictures at the derby....but here is the princess all decked out in her cheer gear!

Maia and her friend Lauren

Now onto football camp. I didn't get there in time to take pictures of them playing, just in the bleachers and when they were getting autographs from the players. I love that Gage is so good at being the big brother. Davis doesn't go to the same school so he doesn't know anyone, but Gage will go out of his way to make sure Davis is not alone, even if it means not sitting with his buddies. I raised myself a good far!!

Davis so blissfully unaware that anyone was watching him. Love it! He does not love it. I thought he would think it was funny. He was actually upset with me that I took it.

This next picture of Dane is funny. While I was taking pictures of the older boys standing in line to get their footballs autographed from the high school players, I spotted Dane at the very end of the line watching one of the players sign a ball. I thought it was cute (I thought he was playing out in the field) so I took a picture. When the kid was done, he handed the ball to Dane and said "Here ya go". Dane took the ball and saw me and smiled. I said "Where did you get that ball?" He had "found" it under the bleachers where their were no kids and took it up for an autograph. I told him we would have to give it back to whoever had lost it, but no one claimed it, so he got himself his own football, and was very pleased about it.

Look at that form, he's a natural!

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