Thursday, May 28, 2009

Double Digits!

Yes, my first born has made it to the double digits! 10 years old today! Wow, I can't believe I have a ten year old! Gage, my son, congrats on being 10. You are one of the coolest kids I know, and couldn't be happier with how you have grown! You are a sweet, caring, helpful, funny, charismatic, ENERGETIC, kid! I love, love, love you! I shall never forget the day you were born! Mostly because labor lasted for 30+ hours and I was sure I was dying...but aside from that, you were the cutest little bug I had ever seen!! Still are kid! Enjoy your day!

Of course I took Gage to Disneyland for his 4Th birthday. I also shoved sugar packets in his shoes so I could get him on Splash Mountain.

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