Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wedding shoot

Yesterday I spent the day shooting a wedding for my friend Lindy. While she hired me before she knew me, we ended up being in the same Bunko group and getting to know her. Sorry, I have no pictures of the wedding quite yet, I will put a sneak peak up later, I have tons of photos to go through and edit. This should take me a good two weeks. In between editing wedding stuff I have a couple other family shoots next week too. So after 8+ hours in the 80 degree weather, wearing shoes I probably should have done without, and carrying about 30 pounds around my neck, I feel like I have been beat up, hungover, and haven't slept in days. Today, I am spending the day laying on the couch, going through photographs, even though my house is in serious need of some TLC. Anyway, more to come on the wedding!


Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Can't wait to see 'em!

Amara said...

Cute self portrait with your friends! I've been checking freqently for you to post some pictures....cannot wait! I feel for you being in the heat - I would have been melting, so it's a good thing you love the sunshine!