Friday, July 3, 2009


I haven't had a whole lot of time to write lately. Mostly we have just been busy with the weather being so nice, but I hate to go too long without pictures or stories. I am doing the blog for my kids. Someday I will get all of these posts into a book so my kids will be able to look back on all we did and what I was thinking during those times. I tried to do the journal once upon a time, but just never stuck. I did scrap booking, but that was a lot of work with 4 kids and it kind of costs a lot! So anyway, I have camping pictures that I haven't posted, I will try to get to those this week, but I will try to do a couple different post with the last couple days of hanging out with friends. Here is today's pics. My friend Karen and Amara and I took the kids to a newer county park in the Birch Bay area. It was a little hike but we all made it and had some lunch and then the kids tried to build some forts out of driftwood.

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Amara said...

That was a fun time! However, my shoulder did hurt from lugging all our stuff down and back. Next time we'll know better.
Great idea to print out your blog and put it in a book! I tried the journaling for the kids as well and didn't make it past about year 2 with Laine.