Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our first day in Disneyland!

Our first day we decided to head to Disneyland. I was so excited to take the kids, especially Dane. I figured he would LOVE it! He didn't. He was much happier with a few new toys and staying in the hotel room. "No fast or scary rides!" he told us. Good thing there were 3 adults there, we took turns, and Dane was perfectly fine to sit in the stroller.

One of our first rides was Indiana Jones. One of my favorites! The boys and grandpa and I went on this one. Too jerky for Steve and Dane was too little. Maia thought it was too scary so she wasn't going to try it.

This is outside the ride, some ropes and stuff to climb on.

Then there was one of Dane's favorites, the carousel. Going in circles just made me dizzy.
The boys tried very hard to pull the sword out of the stone

Next stop was Toon Town

Dane's favorite ride, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Imagine that, a shooting game.

And Maia was thrilled that she found Minnie that day! We were in a completely different area of Toon Town and I hear Maia yelling "It's Minnie! It's Minnie", and she took off running for her.

That's it for day one in Disney. I have lots more pictures, but it takes so long to upload. I will put day two on tomorrow hopefully!


Amy said...

Hey Brooke!! Looks like you had a great day!! I hear ya on the little challenging!! I love all the pictures! Great Job...I just wanted to see one of you...and check out the tan! Hope you had a great time!!

Brooke said...

Thanks Amy, the tan was great! It was nice to wear shorts without blinding everyone! I am afraid you will find no pictures of me though!